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  • What is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW-R)?"
    In New York State, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW) is a person who has a Master's Degree in Social Work from an accredited university and has passed the state's licensure exam. The "R" designation is only awarded after a licensed Clinical Social Worker has had a minimum of 6 years of postgraduate professional supervision, and has met strict credentialing guidelines. The "R" designation allows for third party insurance reimbursement. Prior to September 1, 2004 the license, Certified Social Worker (CSW) was issued by New York State, the Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (LCSW) license replaces it. For more information on license requirements please go to the New York State Education Department's Office of the Professions Social Work Homepage.
  • What is a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work?
    This is an Advanced Credential which is granted to experienced Clinicians who have qualified via examination or background and training review. Providers with this recognition have demonstrated a high degree of professional advancement and skill development, including a minimum of years of practice experience
  • What can I expect when I walk into the office?
    I share a common waiting area, and office manager with several other therapists. My offices are private, quiet and relaxed. For your first appointment please arrive 20 minutes early to fill out necessary paperwork, including a patient information form, this way no time will be taken away from your 50 minute session. Prior to your first visit it is important for you to think about your expectations for counseling. Based on your desires, answers on the patient information form, and an initial evaluation, we will then proceed together to help further define and ultimately meet your goals.
  • Is counseling confidential?
    Yes, confidentiality and trust are the building blocks of a therapeutic relationship. Information will only be shared with others if you give your therapist written authorization to do so. Professional ethics are strictly adhered to and my practice is HIPPA complaint (Federally regulated privacy practices) There are however limited situations that all therapists are mandated to report. These are child abuse or neglect, imminent harm to oneself or others, and information in response to a court order. For more information please go to my confidentiality page.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    You can call the office at 886-7304 and speak with the office manager, Susan, who is available Monday through Friday 9:30AM to 2:30PM (except lunch hours -12:30PM to 1:30Pm), or fill out the secure contact form. Appointments can generally be arranged within 7 to 10 days. Evening appointments are less easy to secure.
  • Can you be reached after hours?
    After normal office hours the phone is answered by voicemail. You can leave a message in my private voicemail mailbox. If you call with an emergency through the answering service I will be contacted. I will get back to you as soon as possible. At Intake you were giving Emergency resources in cases where a client cannot wait for my call. On weekends one of the clinical staff is on-call and they will handle the call whenever I am unavailable or out of town.
  • Where is your office?
    My office is located at Linwood Psychotherapy Associates, 406 Linwood Avenue, between W. Utica and W. Ferry, in Buffalo. Please see the office page for further information. Linwood has street parking which is never a problem, and the office is right on a major bus route.
  • What are your fees?
    The amount that you will have to pay depends on your insurance coverage. If your insurance has a co-pay, then payment will be expected at the time of your appointment. If you do not have insurance then we can discuss my fee structure. Please see the Insurance & Fees Page for more information.
  • What insurance plans do you accept?
    I accept most plans including: Univera, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Independent Health.
  • What are your appointment hours?
    Appointments are available at the Linwood location: Monday 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Tuesday 3:00PM to 9:00PM , Thursday 10:00AM until 7:00PM. Williamsville office hours are: Wednesday 5:00PM to 9:00PM and Friday's 10:00AM until 1:00PM. Appointments outside of these times can be arranged in special or emergency situations.
  • Do you conduct presentations and workshops?
    Yes, I am available to schools, hospitals, corporations and private organizations. If interested please contact me regarding your specific needs.
  • Do you provide Specialized Services to Emergency Services Personnel?
    Yes. I have a Specialty working with Law Enforcement Professionals, Fire Fighters, Ambulance Attendants. EMT’s, Emergency Room Staff, and their families.
  • Are you available for critical incident stress debriefing?
    Yes, I am available for CISM. I have facilitated debriefings for schools, governmental agencies, hospitals, and corporations. I am a member of the Western New York Stress Reduction Team… a group providing CISM services to Emergency Services Personnel. I have had an abundance of training through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Please contact me by phone at 716-886-7304 if you are in need of this service.
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